MB Route Description

Lionel Motors Wellness Mountain Bike Ride through Kgaswane

Route Description: 60, 35 and 15 km


The routes are marked, but there will be very few marshals. Please read the route description and follow the markers.

Be very careful, especially coming back down the mountain on the concrete road. If you go over the edge, it is unlikely that you will survive! You will spoil the day, not only for yourself, but more importantly, for the other riders as well as the organisers. Please do not!

The ride start and finish in the Rustenburg Kloof resort. The three distances will share the same route close to the start and finish.

From the start, ride a clockwise circle in the Kloof and then out to the Kgaswane reserve. Follow the road in the reserve. Go straight where the road forks right up the mountain. Follow the road to the Explorer hut. At the explorer hut turn right onto a single track. Follow the single track to the concrete road. At the concrete road the 15 km riders turn right and down to go back to the Kloof. When back through the Kloof gate, turn immediately left to follow the jeep track under a tree canopy to and the circle around the Kloof to the finish.

The 35 and 60 km riders turn left on the concrete road to go up the mountain. Good luck! You are going to climb 400 m in the next 2 km! If you ride all the way to the top without walking, you earned some serious bragging rights! Go for it! Follow the road to the Kgaswane offices. At the office, turn left and follow the main reserve road to the water-point at a magnificent look-out point. The 35 km riders turn back at the water-point, and turn left about 300 m further on the main loop route in the reserve.

From the water-point at the look-out point, the 60 km riders go down the steep section. After about one km turn right for a loop (clockwise) on the Eastern side of the reserve. Ride back to the waterpoint (at the look-out point) and follow the same route as the 35 km riders on a clockwise circle on the main reserve road.

The 35 and 60 km riders turn left on a Jeep track going to the radio towers. Follow the markers on the Jeep-track and single track to the Naga hut and ride clockwise around Naga hut. More Jeep and single track to follow back to the main reserve road. Just before joining the main reserve road the 60 km riders turn left to go up the mountain, past the beacon up on your left, (that marks the highest point in the reserve) to the top loop. Ride the top loop anti-clockwise. On the way back, turn right onto a single track and follow the single track down the mountain. Join up with the 28 km riders on the main reserve road.

Follow the main reserve road, before the reserve offices turn right onto a bit of single track to the offices. At the offices turn left and follow the road back to the Kloof. Finish off with a clock-wise loop around the Kloof, the same as for the 10 km riders.

Enjoy the ride! Be careful! Especially coming down the mountain, PLEASE!