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To: All ANWN Clubs/Schools


From: Koos Pansegrauw


Date: 30 March 2015


Domestic arrangements


1.            Please take note that an athlete between 6 and 29 years must be in the correct age   

           group according to his/her age on 31 December of a particular year, e.g. A boy/girl

           17 should be 17 years until 31 Desember of this year. 


2.            A senior athlete from 30 years and older must participate in his/her age, on the date of that particular event. E.g. a woman/man 32 must participate in 30-34 years age group.


3.            All junior and 30+ athletes must wear their age categories tags on the front and the back of the vest.


4.            All athletes must wear their club colours and licence numbers.


5.            Athletes must register with a club to obtain a licence number.


6.            At registration of athletes the birth certificate MUST be handed in. 


7.            The athlete will not be allowed to buy a sticker if we do not have his/her birth certificate. 


8.            If an athlete was sick and could not attend a league event, a doctors’ certificate must be handed in at Koos or Lindie.


9.            If an athlete have other school or sport obligations and could not attend a league event, a signed letter from the principal must be handed in.


10.        No excuse will be accepted if it is not accompanied by an official signed letter.  No verbal excuse will be accepted.  No late excuse will be accepted. No exceptions. 


11.        Athletes and parents of athletes must please refrain from communicating directly to the ANWN committee.  Athletes/parents must communicate to their coaches.


12.        Coaches will inform the ANWN committee of communications from the athletes/parents.


13.        All complaints must be in writing, handed in at the coaches.  Coaches must hand over all writen complaints to the ANWN committee.


14.        Everyone is welcome to hand in positive suggestions in writing at the coaches.  We ask all coaches to hand over all suggestions to the ANWN committee.  Any suggestions to help to improve the league events are welcome.  We will also appreciate compliments on success.


15.        This year the athlete will get a point when he/she participate.  The athlete must have 5 or more points to get a medal on the ANWN champs.


16.        Don’t be late as you will see we did change the program.  If your race is over you can not run in the next race.  As there are to many different age’s running in the same race.  Hope you will all understand it clearly. 


Rules for selection of teams to represent ANWN cross country

1.       To qualify to be chosen for the ANWN cross country team, athletes must participate in at least five league events of which at least three must be in the second half of the season, as well as the ANWN cross country championships.


2.       The selectors reserve the right to select any number of athletes for an ANWN cross country team, depending on the standard of athletes in each age category.  Selectors maintain the right of discretion.


3.       Disiplinary steps may be taken againts any selected athlete who does not attend the meeting without informing the team managers officially.


4.       If an athlete are not going to participate in the sa championchips they must inform us at least two weeks before the event.


5.       All spectators, coaches, parents and none participating athletes will remain in the demarcated area set out for specctators at all venues.  NO exeptions.  Steps will be taken if this rule is not adhered to.


6.       Foul language and behaviour not fitted for a sportsman, by any person/athlete, will not be tolerated and will be dealt with severely.


7.       There will be  one training camp for selected athletes at Hartbeespoort.  These athletes are the ones who we think can do very well at SA championships individually or in the team format.  There will be a cost implication for this camp.


8.       The training camp will be the one where all selected athletes to represent ANWN at SA championships will train.  This camp will be compulsory to all these athletes.


9.       Selection of the ANWN cross country team will be accordingly to ASA rules and regulations in conjunction with ANWN cross country committee.


10.   Selection of the ANWN cross country team may be according to the following procedure:


11.   ASA will determine a time that must be added onto the firts athletes time.


12.   The time of the first athletes that cross the finishing will be the determining time for the race.


13.   The ASA determined time will be added onto this winning time.


14.   The total of the sum is then the cut-off time for athletes.


15.   All the athletes that cross the finishing line within this time limit will be recognised


16. As possible athletes that may be chosen for the ANWN cross country team.


17.   To qualify for the team athletes must attend leagues and the ANWN championships as prescribed.


18.   Athletes must fit the ANWN clothes during the leagues at Aubrey.  This is so that you know what size to order when they are selected for the team.


Participation fee

Participation fee is R25.00


Let us make this year a success like all the other before.  Let us work together to make ANWN one of the best provinces in SA cross country.  Do not hesitate to contact me if any of the above are unclear to you



Koos Pansegrauw (This letter is not signed due to electronic sending)

ANWN cross country commission

082 775 1984





18 April 2015

League 1


9 M ay 2015

League 2

Lethabong Vula Sports ground - Rustenburg

23 May 2015

League 3

Bersig – Rustenburg

6 June 2015

League 4

Olympia park stadium – Rustenburg

20 June 2015

League 5


25 July 2015

League 6


22 August 2015

ANWN provincial championships

Lomin Gamefarm - Elandskraal

29 August 2015

Compulsory camp for selected ANWN athletes


12 September 2015

ASA cross country championships

Middelburg, Mpumalanga







Age Group





Boys (2007)

Girls (2007)

Boys& Girls 8 years and under

1 km



Grils (2005;2006)

Girls 9-10 years

2 km



Boys (2005;2006)

Boys 9-10 years

2 km



Women 30-34

Women 35-39

Women 40-44

Women 45-49

Women 50-54

Women 55-59

Women 60-64

Women 65-69

Women 70-74

Women 75+

Senior women(1986-1991)

U/ 21 women (1994)

U/23 women(1992)

Women 30 – 75+ years

Women 24-29 years

U/21 Women

U/23 Women

4 km



Senior men(1986-1991)

U/ 21 men(1994)

U/23 men(1992)

Men 24-29 years

U/21 Men

U/23 Men

4 km



Men 60-64

Men 65-69

Men 70-74

Men 75+

Boys (1999)

Boys (1998)

Junior women(1996-1997)

Men 60- 75+ years

Boys 16-17 years

Women 18-19 years

6 km



Men 30-34

Men 35-39

Men 40-44

Men 45-49

Men 50-54

Men 55-59

Junior men (1996-1997)

Senior women(1986-1991)

Men 30-59 years

Men 18-19 years

Women 24-29 years

8 km



Girls (2003-2004)

Girls (2002)

Girls 11-12 years

Girls 13 years

3 km



Boys (2003-2004)

Boys 11-12 years

3 km



Girls (1998-1999)

Girls (2000-2001)

Grils 16-17 years

Girls 14-15 years

4 km



Boys (2002)

Boys (2000-2001)

Boys 13 years

Boys 14-15 years

4 km



Senior men (1986-1991)

Men 24-29 years